Organizing Committee Statement: Middle Distance

Qualification races April 10th were voided late tonight by the jury, who also decided that all competitors having started in the qualification race, could enter the final on Monday 14th.

Please find bellow some more detailed information.


1. Men Heat 1: In the last fifth part of the course, control 101 was misplaced on a hill, 30 meters southeast instead of a (non existing) knoll (see map). Live results published show that all runners punched control 101. However the organizers received 10 complaints.101 situation

The organizers decided to accept the complaints and void heat 1; this decision was communicated during TOM the evening of the competition. For fairness reasons, the organizer proposed to let all men middle qualification runners having started in the race to sign up for middle final which will take place Monday April 14th in Marateca (new first start time to be defined to accommodate a potential 124 men competitors).


2 – The organizer turned down some complaints regarding control 112 and onwards from there on the marked route (see map). France did not accept this decision and put a protest requesting to qualify one of the runners in the Women’s Class for the final. The jury turned down this protest today afternoon. This decision was presented in TOM April 11th 19:00112 situation


3 – Tonight two additional protests were presented by Denmark (control 112, map and marked route; significant unfair circumstances) and Switzerland (opposition to all men in final at EOC; no significant circumstances making the race unfair, same situation for everybody). As two of the jury members had filed complaints themselves in the same matter, and because a decision had to be reached this night, the TOM accepted to nominate a new jury having the task to render a decision going to be accepted by all.


The jury decided that the whole competition should be voided and all the runners, men or woman, having started in the qualification race, could sign up for middle final race on Monday, April 14th.


Pinhal Novo, Friday April 11th, 2014  -  23h45


TOM Presentations

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