ETOC Entry Fees and Dates

Preliminary entry forms must be submitted until 31st December 2013. Payments must be done until 1st February 2014. Final entries must be submitted until 15th March 2014. 

Consider 1st February 2014 as the deadline for payments. Participants in EOC Tour should consider the dates according to the different fees.

ETOC Entry Fees

Accreditation (Athletes, coaches, team officials and IOF officials): € 60.00

Event   Entry Fee per person (€)
PreO (model + stage 1 + stage 2)   100,00
TempO (qualifying + final)  30,00
Escorts   0,00
Banquet 35,00




EOC/ETOC and EOC Tour payments must be made to the Portuguese Orienteering

Federation by bank transfer as follows:
• Bank name: Montepio Geral (Agency: Torre da Marinha)
• IBAN: PT50.0036.0276.9910.0027.1984.3
• Bank Address: Montepio Geral Agência
da Torre da Marinha;
• Detail of payment: EOC, ETOC or Tour 2014 (according to the competition)
Rua Gil Vicente, 1 A/B Torre
da Marinha
Seixal Portugal

A separate transfer must be done for each type of competition.

Please note that the payer is responsible for all bank fees and charges.
Entries will be accepted and confirmed after the arrival of the transfer. It will not be deemed valid until full payment has been received.
Please note that any payments for accommodation and transport should be made
Consider the entries deadline presented in this bulletin as the latest day for the entry fee payments – 1st february 2014. Participants in EOC Tour should consider the dates according to the different fees, as referred in this bulletin.

TOM Presentations

9th April (click to download)

10th April(click to download)

 11th April (click to download)

12th April (click to download) 

14th April (click to download)

15th April (click to download)


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