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Please contact the Portuguese embassy in your country or refer to www.sef.pt.

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Catering service will be available in the event centre for dinner each day, and in the race arenas for the middle and long distance qualification and finals. The sprint arenas will be set in urban areas, with good offer of restaurants and similar.

We strongly recommend car rental as the best way to move around during the event. The organization is negotiating special rates for the participants. A bus service to model event, races and banquet will be available at the cost of €160,00 (from 9th to 16th April 2014). For those participants who book lodging with the organization, the bus, when requested, shall be adjusted to hotel location. For those participants staying in Hotel Aqualuz (Troia), the bus service starts and ends in Setúbal (pier from where a catamaran can be picked up to Troia).Transport from and to the Lisbon airport can also be requested at extracost (please contact us). For further details see Transport entry form available in our web page.

Parking is available for private caravans, cars and buses.

Baby-Sitting string course
During the qualifying and final races, a babysitting service with trained staff will be available to look after children up to 10 years old. This service is free of charge.
Close to the baby­sitting facilities, a string course will be held for the same age group. The entries will be accepted free of charge at the event.

Puching System
SPORTident (SICard). Each competitor must register his/her SIcode on the entryform; those who do not have their own SICard must either rent or purchase. SI Card rental – 10,00€ for the whole event (40,00€ deposit).


There will be toilets in the starts and finish area Toilets of each competition.

TOM Presentations

9th April (click to download)

10th April(click to download)

 11th April (click to download)

12th April (click to download) 

14th April (click to download)

15th April (click to download)


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